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Max Cat Go!

Go Max Cat, Go Max Cat, go!!! Max Cat Go!!!!

Join Max Cat on his daring escape from the evil robots! Get ready for an action packed adventure that will continue thrill and amaze you. Help Max Cat run, roll, and jump on, over, or under evil enemies, rolling hills, dangerous spikes in a physics based world!

Max Cat will keep running and rolling no matter what. Your job is to simply tap the screen to help him escape terrible dangers and to jump into adventures that will have your heart racing, your finger tapping, and Max Cat cheering you on!

Find the special power ups to help Max Cat transform using awesome abilities such as Ninja!!! where Max Cat will truly have fun! ;) Shrink! will help mini Max Cat escape and rev up for Adventure. Or relax on the clouds with Float! and see what the birds already know.

Keep going, have fun, get worried, a little mad, and a big smile with the adventures of Max Cat! It is always a new world, a new day, and a new chance for some fun! Max Cat will Go! and you can too!

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Total Trouble

Help Max Cat find his lost dog in Total Trouble. An addictive puzzle game that is easy to learn and hard to master.

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